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I have to start by saying 1000 star review. I have never had a colonic prior. I researched positive and negative feedback of colonics immensely, before ever booking an appointment. (if you are questioning whether or not do it, I would highly recommend to do it, as long as there are no underlying health issues) All of the reviews and personal testaments that I read and watched, about colonics, encouraged me to see what the hype was all about. I was convinced I had to schedule an appointment after my research. I craved a more holistic healing option. I looked up every place in the Reno / Tahoe area that offered this service. I read all of the reviews and looked at their business websites.

Sierra Colon Hydrotherapy BY FAR, had the BEST reviews. I felt confident in my choice to schedule an appointment there. I knew I would be in good hands. I booked my appointment with Gisela. I spoke with the owner Sheri on the phone about how to prepare and what to expect before my appointment. Sheri answered all of the questions I had. That meant a lot to me. These women are passionate and comforting. Once I met Gisela, she was extremely professional, comforting, and knowledgeable. I felt safe immediately.

It’s a procedure that I assumed would be embarrassing and stressful. However, it was the opposite!! Gisela was very thorough explaining exactly what is going to happen, what I would feel, and is a breath of fresh air to talk to. ( bonus!) I got so lost in conversation, the 45 minutes felt like 5 minutes . Right away I could tell that Gisela is passionate about her career and her clients well being. I have had 3 sessions with Gisela and have more scheduled. I look forward to my appointments because I feel better physically and mentally after. I am so grateful for this healing experience and my enhanced health journey.

Gisela Urieta
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